About us

Maritime Security Jos provides service to the marine industry.

We operate as an free of charge employement agency and give the best for free service to the industry and the shipping trade. We help out operators, security agence and other personell in high risk bussiness to the maritime industi, aswell as other trade competence our customers require. We also cooperate with local training facilities in Spain where we train and have training of maritime personell.

The company has a sound network of contacts within the high risk and security industry both domestically and internationally. 

MSJ has a collaboration and outline agreement with IPSVLC, an agreement which means that MSJ is involved in the various courses at the centre.

In addition we have a close cooperation with ISA risk in Spain, a company who works for the branch. with great expertise in all area and operations on a global scale.


How does it work?

Our aim is getting employers and future employees in contact.We won't charge anything. If your company is searching for professionals or if you are looking for a job, we are the that can help you free of charge. We don't have any traps or tiny words that can't be read. We dont charge anything to anybody, not you, as operator or the companies. This maritime security job webpage is for helping us as professionals contractors to get a bigger piece of the cake. No middle hands.  We can also help you writing cv, contracts, or provide you with useful links to do it yourself. Please feel free to mail any questions, msjeu@live.com

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We working with full descrision and professionalimen.

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